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Beatriz Phipps MBA, CPA
Chief Executive Officer

California Prime Accountancy Corporation

Customizing our accounting and tax services specifically for you is what sets California Prime Accountancy apart from other sources of help. Everyone says they are professional and provide quality service. So, what makes us the right choice for you? We’ve encountered nearly everything over the years and will use the experiences to find answers and direction for you.

There has never been an economy with such volatility which directly affects small businesses and individuals. Sometimes the news of today can have an impact on how much money you have for support of your family tomorrow. Are you nervous? Many are. We at Cal Prime stay up to the minute on economic news so we can be fluid with our advice and counsel. Of course, the best advice is to come see us so we can design a sensible but flexible financial path that meets your goals.

What also sets Cal Prime apart is that we are licensed to audit. What does this mean to you? It means we have been called in to many small businesses that have been through some choppy waters. We are experts at finding the little things – the little things others overlook. Little mistakes can mean big penalties and reduced profits. We will guide and navigate you so you will not have unpleasant surprises.

We think you’ll find us trusted tax and financial advisors for your personal and business accounting. From asset and stock sale comparisons, side-sell exit strategies and asset impairment analyses to making sure your children have funds for college, we customize our service to ease your concerns and help you build wealth.

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